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N95 P2 Certified Respirator Mask

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This N95 P2 Certified Respirator Mask is certified in accordance with  AS/NZS 1716:2012 standard and approved at a P2 level.

This product is designed to help protect the wearer from exposure to airborne particles (such as dust, mist, fumes, fibres and bio-aerosols such as viruses and bacteria)

Lightweight construction for added comfort that may increase wearer time. Has a 4-point head harness for a secure and comfortable fit. Adjustable Nose wire allows the wearer to shape to the nose, reducing eyewear fogging and forming a better seal.

Made from Lanaco HELIX™ Advanced Filter Material for effective filtration with low breathing resistance (104Pa @ 95l/m) 

Exceeds 95% filtration efficiency in laboratory testing when tested at 95 L/min against a salt aerosol (VicLab Australia, INSPEC United Kingdom) 

Advanced wool hybrid electrostatic filter media – low breathing resistance, moisture-wicking and naturally bacteriostatic

Pack Quantity:     4 masks.

BMP 733440 Certificate and Schedule BMP 733440 Certificate and Schedule