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Advance® Shoe and Boot Covers

Advance® disposable shoe and boot covers easily slip on and then stay on, this achieves an effective barrier between footwear and flooring. These products help reduce the spread of contamination, help maintain a cleaner room and environment, help keep shoes clean.

Each product has slightly different properties that are summarized below.

Advance® Disposable Plastic Shoe Covers made from CPE are waterproof with a smooth surface finish and are dust repellant.

Advance® Disposable Non-Skid Polypropylene Shoe Covers are made from polypropylene a spunbonded, non-woven material. These products are water resistant and are very resistant to punctures and tears as the material has a high tensile strength. They also feature non-skid soles, ideal for use on wet floors.

Advance® Disposable Clear Plastic Boot Covers are made from a durable 40gsm clear polyethylene material. Ideal for protecting the lower leg and/or boots from getting wet, they are comfortable to wear with good strength and abrasion resistance.

Advance® shoe and boot covers are common items of personal protective equipment (PPE) within the medical, healthcare, cleanroom, chemical, industrial, laboratory, and emergency environments