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Advance® Gowns

Advance® Isolation Gowns are ideal for infection control, all Advance® gowns have full length sleeves and provide full body protection and are designed to be worn with disposable gloves. All Advance® gowns in a wide range of sizes fitting up to size 5XL.

Advance® Isolation Gowns offer moderate to heavy fluid protection, comfort, and breathability. Made from polypropylene (PP) + polyethylene (PE), featuring a Velcro neck, knitted cuffs (ideal for use in conjunction with disposable gloves) and ties at each side with laminated front and sleeves. Available in sizes fitting up to 5XL.

Advance® Thumb Loop Style Isolation Gowns with ties offer heavy fluid, toxin, and pathogen protection. They are made from 45gram CPE material, featuring an over the head neck and thumb loop wrists ideal for use in conjunction with Advance® gloves offering total protection.

In addition to the featured gowns, we stock a range of specialty gowns so please do not hesitate to contact SPQ with any gown query that you may have.