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Advance® Face Masks and Face Shields

Advance® Masks and Face Shields are designed to fit easily and provide a safe and secure barrier.

Designed and tested in accordance with international standards, you can have confidence that when you are wearing an Advance® Mask or Face Shield you are safe and protected.

Advance® Face Masks come in two types: surgical face masks with ear loops and respirator style.

Advance® Disposable Surgical Face Mask with Ear Loops are a 3Ply Type IIR grade product, offering increased BFE and fluid/blood splash resistance compared with non-medical equivalent. Hypoallergenic and latex-free and conforming to the highest standards of barrier protection level EN:14683.

Advance® KN95 Disposable Protective Masks product are form fitting and forms a tighter seal around the face preventing/reducing inhalation of airborne particles. This product is compliant under GB2626:2006 / equivalent to AS/NZS 1716:2012.

Advance® Face Shields are constructed from quality film treated with anti-fog and anti-static coating for maximum visibility. Very comfortable to wear with an elastic band and sponge headband (allowing room for face mask) Light and ideal for extended wear, wrapping around the face for unimpeded vision.