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Advance® Disposable Plastic Aprons, Gowns and Adult Clothing Protectors

All Advance® aprons, gowns and adult clothing protectors are disposable, and designed to prevent cross-contamination, protect the user, and maintain hygiene standards.

They are all light weight, non-restrictive apparel that are easy and comfortable to wear. Primarily designed to protect clothing against spills, splashes, and bodily fluids. Each product has a specific use; ideal for use at mealtimes, showering, cleansing or performing personal cares.

Advance® Adult Clothing Protectors are useful at mealtimes featuring a convenient crumb/food catcher pocket. This enables one’s clothing to not run the risk of being soiled at mealtime.

Advance® aprons are made from lightweight LDPE, providing waterproof protection from neck to knee with ties on the back. Advance® Aprons are available in a range of packaging styles to suit your needs.

Advance® CPE Thumb Loop Style Isolation Gowns with ties are ideal for infection control, they have sleeves and provide full body protection and are designed to be worn with disposable gloves to prevent sleeves sliding up.