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Advance® Booster Pads and Faecal Liners

All Advance® products below, have permeable backings, allowing urine to flow through into the primary incontinence product.

Advance® Booster Pads: (available in three sizes and absorbencies) increase absorbency of the primary incontinence product. E.g., Person wearing an Advance® Breathable Pad may void a lot of urine at one time and requires more absorbency for an uninterrupted rest. An Advance® Booster Pad can be placed inside the Advance® Breathable Pad at beginning of night to provide this extra absorbency and peace of mind.

Advance® Liner Plus Pads: Specifically designed to support the management of faecal incontinence. The anatomical shape of the Advance® Liner Plus Pad is designed to fit inside an Advance® Breathable Pad or Pull up Brief. If a bowel motion occurs, Advance® Liner Plus Pad can be removed and replaced without removing the more expensive primary product.

Advance® Flushable Liner – Roll: An absorbent, flushable, biodegradable liner on a roll. Ideal for use as an incontinence liner for faecal incontinence.