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Advance® and Tranquility Bariatric™ Breathable Pads

SPQ Limited supplies the premium quality Advance® and Tranquility Bariatric™ disposable absorbent adult diapers for adult women and men.

Advance® Breathable Pads are a New Zealand designed, breathable and unisex adult diaper. They absorb urine evenly and contain faecal matter, whilst also keeping the skin dry/maintaining skin integrity.

In addition to being highly absorbent, Advance® Breathable Pads are thin and discreet so they can be worn out and about with confidence or throughout the night providing an interrupted night’s sleep.

In addition to the Advance® range, SPQ are the exclusive suppliers for New Zealand and Australian markets for the Tranquility™ Bariatric Briefs ranging from size 2XL to 5XL. This product range is from the USA and regarding as the premium absorbent bariatric product available.

The SPQ range of adult incontinence diapers are breathable, highly absorbent, discreet and comfortable, suitable for both urine and faecal incontinence and available in a range of sizes and absorbencies ranging from Extra-Small through to 5XL.

Advance+ Tranquility - bariatric disposable briefs