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Advance® Absorbent Underlays

Advance® Underlays are absorbent, disposable sheets.

Suitable for use in a wide range of settings, ideal for protecting bedding, chairs and furniture from urine & leakage, used when changing incontinence pads, infection control and surface protection requirements.

Advance Underlays® are available in a range of sizes and styles, including the Advance® Underlay Plus product that measures 80cm x 170cm with tuck in sides. Absorbent Advance® Underlays are often used as disposable incontinence bed sheets in conjunction with other Advance® incontinence products.

Advance® Underlays quickly absorb urine and moisture into the diamond embossed core of the product, after absorbing urine, the surface of the product retains a dry to feel touch.

Leak guards and sealed edges are also a feature of Advance® Absorbent Underlays, these features prevent liquid and urine from flowing out over the edge of the product onto the bed or chair where they are being used.

Advance® Underlays are designed in New Zealand.