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Incontinence & Skincare Wipes

Both the Advance® Incontinence and Skincare wipes are alcohol free, pH balanced and paraben free.

Advance® 3-in-1 Personal Hygiene Wipes are a specialist incontinence wipe, they cleanse, moisturise and protect sensitive skin. The odour neutralizing, paraben free and the alcohol-free formula gently loosens and lifts soiling from the perineal area without the need for rinsing. Ideal for frequent cleansing and for people who are susceptible to skin breakdown and IAD (incontinence associated dermatitis).

Advance® Cleansing Skincare Wipes are a specialist cleansing skincare wipe suitable for frequent everyday use on the whole body. Ideal for use when washing facilities are not available to remove soiling from skin or for use as an incontinence wipe.

All Advance® Wipes are in a packet with a re-sealable lid to prevent product drying out.