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Advance® Dry Wipes and Liners

The quality Advance® Dry Wipes and Liners offer strength, softness and absorbency. Suitable for a wide range of uses from personal care applications through to the cleaning and wiping of hard surfaces.

Advance® Premium Dry Wipes are super soft yet strong wipe, made from a hypoallergenic spun lace non-woven material. Ideal for use on soft and sensitive skin area or for applying Advance® 3-in-1 Cleansing Milk to the perineal area. They can also be substituted as a flannel when showering and bathing or used for cleaning/wiping hard surfaces. The size of the wipe is a generous 30cm x 34cm.

Wall mounted dispenser are available for Advance® Premium Dry Wipes.

Advance® Flushable Liner/Wipe on a Roll is biodegradable and highly absorbent product. It can be used as a wash cloth when showering and bathing, as a faecal liner with a nappy or incontinence products and as a general purpose cleaning cloth. It is strong when wet and has a wide range of uses.